Caroline recipients : canon in bikini, she takes the tendency of the offsuit


She is beautiful, smile, you is the trend, in short : we want you to be our best friend. Even if we do not all have the chance to be part of your circle in the vicinity, it can nevertheless, the adventures of Caroline listeners on his account Instagram follow. In fact, influenceuse stingy is not in the publications, as they supplied their social network daily. Of course, summer required of his current publications dedicated to your vacation with your beloved Hugo Philip – who will be in the next season of “dancing with the Stars” in the summer break – and his young son, Marlon, and a year old. The young mom has fun under the heat of Ibiza, and loves to lick us watering photographs ultra and looks worried. Jacket in denim destroy, schneider appeared to be of lemon-yellow, or dress bohème : inspiration is present. In addition to swimwear, you can merrily copy the style of the young wife of 33 years. And you just discovered-a trend that has been proven, the dépareillage bikini.

The principle is super easy. In order not to fall of classicism, a swimsuit two parts, the national, will you pull the top and bottom of different. To be sure that the two parts matchent, it was decided, as Caroline Receveur, a high or a low Kingdom, with the other space with a pattern. Result canon and modern insured. The young fashion designer has chosen, a top bra black cup 2000 and the associated pants with leopard pattern. It is a fan ! There is nothing to prevent, then add a sarong, a jacket, kimono, liquid, or hat, a look from the beach.