Carrefour seeks one hundred supplier SMEs throughout the country

The Carrefour retail chain seeks to increase its supplier portfolio in different areas.

In this context, the French group went in search of a hundred national SMEs who want to become its partners. Currently, the company has 745 SMEs in a food universe of almost 900 suppliers.

“The search will run until February 28. We need companies in the segments of bakeries, meat, cleaning, bazaar and textiles, among others, “explains Néstor Sist, Director of Merchandise at Carrefour Argentina. Regarding one of the items that is not yet well attended, he adds that” for example, we need to have more regional and own brand alfajores. We have worked a lot on that and we will be able to launch it soon “.

The executive ensures that it is not exclusive that the interested provider handle a large volume. For example, you can start with a single store inside and then gradually grow into other formats and even expand nationally and internationally. For this, Carrefour also guarantees, through banking entities, financing at a low rate when they make the first sale of merchandise, so that they can reinvest in working capital.

The companies that are chosen not only they will be able to produce their Carrefour line for the chain but they will also have the possibility of reaching the gondolas with the brand that they market until now. “For us, bringing a Carrefour brand product to market can take a year. In the meantime, the supplier can enter with its own label. To cite just one example, Silvia Dairy, an SME from Luján with 70 employees that started working with us in 2018, today sells cheeses from its brand and also from the Carrefour line, “adds Sist.

So far this year, the 600 stores in Argentina have sold about 450 million manufacturing units by SMEs of different areas.

Some of its suppliers are Delpack, a company that makes food, such as mashed potatoes, and sells 12 items in its gondolas, with a volume of 1.9 million units. Another case is that of the pasta firm Villa D’agri, which sells 17 Carrefour brand products and generates a movement of 2.4 million items. Another example is that of Galletitas Trío, which has a movement of 6.6 million units sold not only in Argentina but also in Brazil.

Prices and spaces

The manager assures that the elimination of intermediaries in the value chain that this format guarantees allows them to greatly reduce costs, which results in very competitive prices. “A can of Carrefour tomatoes is 40% less than the most expensive”.

With regard to the space occupied by SME products in the sales rooms, the manager indicates that the Gondolas Law guarantees that those who sell the most have more space available. Today, for its competitive prices, own brands are often imposed.

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