Carrie Anne-Moss will be delighted to work with Keanu Reeves on John Wick

Matrix Resurrections has served, not only to resurrect the Matrix and transport it to contemporary contemporary cinema, but also to re-plan Keanu reeves already Carrie-Anne Moss, the protagonists of the original film by the Wachowski sisters who amazed viewers with their romance in the middle of a war against machines whose sole purpose was to destroy the free men and women of the city of Zion.

After seeing, again, the great chemistry that the actors have When they get in front of the cameras, it seems that they have both been completely satisfied to get to work side by side again, and that has opened the door for them to continue doing it in the future, be it in more installments of the Matrix or that is. in other types of films, as for example in the saga of John wick.

Moss, the new assassin of John Wick

Carrie-Anne Moss was asked what her partner Reeves’s favorite role was, and the actress was clear about it: that of the world’s best assassin. “I love John Wick. I really began to understand Keanu’s outrageous gift for telling stories through his body. And I didn’t fully understand it until I got into John Wick with one of my sons. It was amazing to have that experience with me. son and see the depth that Keanu is able to create with his body. It’s really an art form“.

That led Reeves to wonder if Moss would like to join John Wick as a new assassin: “Let’s go for it. Be careful what you wish for“, replied the actress. And now that John wick 4 It has been delayed for practically a year, until March 2023, it may even include some sequences and a small plot with Moss as the murderer, although that is quite unlikely.

Maybe in the future we will see a John Wick installment with both actors as enemies, shooting each other nonstop. It will be interesting to see them in situations totally opposite to those we have seen in the Matrix. In the Wachowski films, love reigned, and in Chad Stahelski’s, hate reigned..


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