Caruso Lombardi, very hard against Rodolfo De Paoli for the controversies with Barracas Central: “Being a bottle is sad”

Rodolfo de Paoli, technician of Barracas Central, had spoken this Tuesday at noon in defense of his team. Basically, the rapporteur of the Argentine National Team in TyC Sports considers that the criticisms for some arbitration rulings that benefited the Trucker are not fair.

In his long discharge, he also aimed against Ricardo Caruso Lombardi, a coach with extensive experience in the Ascent, who as a TN panelist had also sown suspicions.

The phrase was: “Unpunished Guy as Caruso Lombardi, that he is threatening politically because he wants to stay with the Guild of the Association of Technicians and, as Chiqui Tapia told him no, what he wants to do is spit the roast everywhere. And much of journalism looks to the side, “he said against his colleague.

And Caruso, who in his last step as a professional led Belgrano de Córdoba, a team that felt harmed under his leadership in a game against Barracas Central, responded harshly on his Twitter account.

“Dear De Paoli, they sent you to speak as you do with the national team, or You are vigilant or you are a thief. You can’t do both, but being a bottle is sad and our guild is ruined by people like you. Do you lead or are you a puppet who serves power? “, Caruso wrote.

Caruso Lombardi's tremendous tweet against De Paoli.

Caruso Lombardi’s tremendous tweet against De Paoli.

Previously, Caruso had tweeted: “Today at noon Tapia, Beligoy and leaders who are fighting for promotion meet, so that everything is transparent. Now have they agreed? And what matches Barracas has left? Against two friends, mmmmm.”

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