Cases of coronavirus reached the million and a half in the world


The confirmed cases of the new coronavirus in the world reached the million and a half, according to the report of the Johns Hopkins University, they based their data on the reports of the governments and health authorities of each country

The Center of Science and Engineering reported a million 500 thousand 830 cases of Covid-19 at the global level. The deaths amounted to 87 thousand 469.

The pandemic Covid-19 affects to 192 countries and territories.

Europe, the epicentre of the health crisis worldwide, surpassed the 60 thousand dead in a day in which the world has added almost 100 thousand new patients to the sinister account of the Covid-19.

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France and Germany were warned that their respective economies will fall, before the end of the semester, to its worst levels since World War II.

In Latin Americastill relatively safe from the pandemic, has registered about 500 thousand deaths, nearly half in Brazil. The region has already more than 40 thousand cases of coronavirus.

In the majority of the people the new coronavirus causes mild or moderate symptoms that disappear in two to three weeks. But in some people, especially older adults and those who suffer from disorders of underlying health conditions, can cause more serious illnesses and even death.

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