Casino Royale, Eva Green failed miserably the first screen test for the role of Vesper Lynd

Eva Green played Vesper Lynd in the first James Bond film starring Daniel Craig: Casino Royale. But perhaps not everyone knows that the audition for the part of her went really badly at first …

Casino Royale it was the first film in the saga of James Bond starring Daniel Craig: the film not only marked the beginning of the actor’s era in the role of the most famous agent 007 ever, but also brought to the screen an atypical Bond girl: Vesper Lynd, played by a magnetic Eve Green.

Casino Royale, Eva Green was really terrible during the first audition for the role

While castings are still underway for the next 007 star, the casting director, Debbie McWilliamsrevealed some details of the first screen test of Eve Green for the part of Lynd in Casino Royale. To the microphones of RadioTimein fact, he said that initially the producers – Barbara Broccoli And Matthew Wilson – they didn’t seem very enthusiastic about the choice of Eve Green for the role of Vesper Lynd. Among the reasons that made the producers somewhat skeptical were both the actress’s curriculum, that she had worked on independent or very underground films, but also the first screen test to which Green he submitted and that it was a real disaster.

“Eva had always been on the list, but there was also some resistance against her, I’m not sure why, but I think they thought maybe she didn’t have enough experience. She had only done a few films and all of them were low budget, but working with someone like Barbara (Broccoli), who has great instincts, we really liked her. I’m sure she’d be the first to admit that she looked terrible. She hadn’t had her makeup and hair done, so, her makeup didn’t do her justice at all and rather terrifyingly we started filming Casino Royale without having cast an actress for that part (…) But both Barbara and I insisted that Eva come back and have another audition and this time with hair, makeup and the clothing and she felt a lot calmer at that point and that’s what got her the part.”

McWilliams also revealed that for the next performer of James Bond they will not consider actors who are too young, because – as Taron Egerton has already pointed out – the role requires considerable experience and charisma. Playing one of the longest-lived characters in cinema will therefore require taking on a great responsibility and it will not be easy to find the right face to bring an icon like Bond.

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