Cast of “Glee” uncovers racism of the actress


The death of George Floyd at the hands of a police officer in Minneapolis has sparked numerous protests in the united States, demonstrations that some celebrities have supported so much by attending the marches and through social networks.

Lea Michele has also joined the cause via Twitter by posting a message to your partner “Glee”, Samantha Ware, took the opportunity to expose the racist bullying he suffered on the part of the actress.

“George Floyd did not deserve this. This was not an isolated incident and must end,” wrote Michele, who gave life to Rachel Berry in the hit series. It was following this publication when Ware, who was Jane Hayward, accused his partner.

“Do you remember when you became my first job in television in a hell? Because I’ll never forget it. I remember that you said to everyone that if you had the opportunity you cagarías in my wig. Among other traumatic microagresiones that made me question my career in Hollywood,” remarked Ware mentioning the post Michele.

The indictment of Ware, gave rise to other members of the cast of Glee to respond by getting on your part. Alex Newell, who performed a Unique, replied with a meme in which one could read “her”. Amber Riley, Mercedes Jones in the fiction, also posted a cryptic meme.

But who did not hesitate to tell his story was Dabier, which appeared in a single episode in the year 2014. “No you left me to sit at the table with the other cast members because he ‘was not a part of that.’ You fuck them, you Read,” he said. By the time Michele has not made any statement regarding these allegations.

The fans of the series have been very surprised with the revelations that once again question the conduct of one of the central characters of the series.