Castilla-La Mancha to procure 600,000 doses of seasonal flu vaccine

This year, as an innovation, the flu vaccine was extended to children six months to five years old, with new coverage covering all of Spain and Castilla-La Mancha

August 30, 2023

Update at 12:50 noon

he Government of Castilla-La Mancha The governing board has authorized the procurement of 600,000 doses of seasonal influenza vaccine, worth more than €7 million, for the region’s next vaccination campaign, which will begin in October.

at a press conference Regional Government Spokesperson Esther Padillaexplained that these doses would benefit people over the age of 60, elderly people in social health centres, people with chronic diseases, those who may transmit the disease to others who are more susceptible to the disease, and those who: due to their Occupations that provide essential services to the community may also be more exposed to the virus.

This year, as a novelty, it emphasizes, The flu vaccine is for children six months to five years old. Padilla noted that this is a new report that will take place throughout Spain and in Castilla-La Mancha.

In this vaccination campaign that will start in October, local government spokespersons do not want to forget to strengthen the new crown vaccination for pregnant women and other high-risk groups such as people over 60 years old and patients with chronic diseases.

On the other hand, the Council also authorized Contract supply of monoclonal antibodies against diseases caused by respiratory syncytial virus – Major causes of bronchiolitis and pneumonia in minors – 3.2 million euros.

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