Cat bites lead to infection never seen in humans

The U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC)’s Emerging Infectious Diseases magazine recently reported the case of a 48-year-old man who developed COVID-19 after contracting the disease. cat bite streets, developed Infect The doctor had never seen it before.

The man was admitted to the emergency room in 2020 because of “painful” inflammation in his hands, as well as a widespread infection caused by bacteria, the specialized publication reported. bacteria Didn’t know until then.

The man suffered multiple puncture wounds and abrasions from being bitten by the cat, and it took eight hours for the man to develop severe inflammation caused by the infection.

cat bite caused Infect never seen

Thanks to this case, doctors and researchers at Cambridge University Hospital in the UK discovered a new bacterium GlomusA man bitten by a stray cat suffered an “extensive infection” in his soft tissues.

Haemococcus algae It is the only species known to cause infection in humans, as it is associated with a small number of cases. Infect blood, heart, central nervous system and urinary tract,” the report noted.


The man received treat and received an immediate tetanus booster dose as well as oral antibiotics, which facilitated his recovery. He was discharged from the hospital, but 24 hours later he was back in the emergency room for treatment. Infect On the little finger of the left hand and the middle finger of the right hand.

Doctors discover an unidentified organism that resembles Streptococcus,A bacteria Linked to strep throat, conjunctivitis and meningitis, it is characterized by bacteria whose genomes do not match any previously recorded strains, a sign of a new microorganism that has never been documented.

Expert testing found that the new bacteria belong to the genus Gram-positive bacteria, known as Gram-positive bacteria. Glomus.

for control infection Doctors surgically removed the damaged tissue around the wound and administered more antibiotics intravenously. The man eventually recovered and returned home.

Why you should be careful cat bite?

According to the report, other studies have shown signs that cat They can carry unknown pathogens zoonotic infectionthat is, they can be transmitted from animals to humans through bites.

Specifically, cats can cause serious infections because their bites can cause deep wound Saliva reaches tissues such as joints, creating a high risk of secondary infection.


Mayo Clinic warns cat bite infection These substances on hands are so dangerous that one in three patients require hospitalization after being injured. Of these, two-thirds require surgery, with middle-aged women tending to be the most common victims.

“Dog teeth are less sharp, they don’t penetrate as deeply, and they tend to leave larger wounds when they bite. Cat teeth, on the other hand, are sharp and can penetrate very deep, in joints and tendon sheaths Grow bacteria,” warns Dr. Brian Carlson, an orthopedic surgeon at the Mayo Clinic.

Before cat bite It is important to clean the wound immediately and see a doctor for a check-up, especially if the skin is inflamed and there is general swelling in the affected area.

“Cat bites appear to be very benign, but as we know and research shows, they are not serious and can be serious,” Dr. Carlson concluded.

(Information from independent agencies, CDC, Mayo Clinic)

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