Catalonia begins pre-campaign to vaccinate infants against bronchitis

He announced a new vaccination schedule in July and is following it.this Catalan Ministry of Health It has begun mobilizing a coordinated private healthcare effort to immunize infants under six months against the virus that causes 50 percent of bronchiolitis in Catalonia.

In an internal communication that this media has accessed, Ministry of Public Health and cat tribute Notify private and subsidized healthcare providers that new drug injections will begin Nisevumab “From October 2023” on newborns. The compound will be injected as a single dose based on the child’s weight.

The system moved

In their joint document, secretary and cat tribute They made it clear that vaccinations would follow the usual route, just like other medicines, with mandatory injections to the minimum dose. Therefore, nirsevimab will be distributed in primary care centers and public hospitals.

In terms of coordinated private medical centers, counseling It requires them to “comply with established requirements” of more than 50 births per year.

new compound

the department Marnell Barcells (ERC) recalled that infants will be immunized with Beyortus marketed by Sanofi and a new formulation produced by AstraZeneca.

he Neil Simwab approved European Medicines Agency (EMA) as a prophylaxis against respiratory syncytial virus (RSV) in intermediate- and high-risk children. As the outlet explained, the pathogen is responsible for 50% of bronchiolitis cases and 25% of pneumonia cases in the region.

“Catalonia will be the vanguard”

In a leaflet sent to subsidized and private providers, Salud wanted to “protect” the baby “as soon as possible”.

The Ministry of Health emphasized that “Catalonia will be a pioneer on a global scale, which represents a very important effort in the prevention of infection and its complications”. Still, the department hopes that with this additional protection for minors, “the number of cases” Bronchiolitis — an issue last winter — and the ensuing “Positive Impact on Nursing Stress.”

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