Catalonia’s covid-19 revenue rises, as does overall respiratory infection

The incidence of collection Acute Respiratory Infection (ARI) The number of people in Catalonia increased between 31 July and 6 August 2023. Additionally, there has been an increase in covid-19 admissions in traditional beds (a total of 440 beds across the state is a far cry from other waves).Even so, it’s already declining overall rate per week SARS-CoV-2, That is, infection (hospital admission one to two weeks after infection). The covid-19 infection rate was 79 (53-103), compared to 99 (75-123) the previous week.

Overall incidence of acute respiratory infections, according to the latest data from the Catalan Infection Surveillance Information System continuously rising The level of transmission is low, affecting 305 people per 100,000 inhabitants, with a total of 23,922 cases registered.

From a typological point of view, coronavirus Most common (26%), followed by rhinovirus (12%) and parainfluenza virus (Influenza virus, 10%).

Regarding SARS-Cov-2, Omic variant It represented almost 100% of the sequenced samples, with the XBB.1 subvariant being the dominant subvariant (76.7% of samples), followed by XBB.2 (16.3%).

More Corona Income

Number of people admitted to hospital for treatment of new coronary pneumonia Traditional beds continue to show an upward trend, 440 (75% of whom were over 60 years old), an increase of 64 from 376 the previous week.

Regarding income Usis University, these are maintained stable, Thirteen people were admitted to hospital with the disease.

Influenza and RSV are both low transmission level, The estimated number of cases in the sentinel network was 3 (0-9) per 100,000 inhabitants, but no enterovirus was detected.

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