Catch Bradley Cooper with his daughter in New York


Since the american actor Bradley Cooper announced the separation with the Russian model Irina Shayk, the famous have had to share time with your beloved daughter Read. The little girl only three years of age was caught with his dad.

Through the social networks got to meet some lovely photographs of the Hollywood star, accompanied by his daughter, while they were enjoying a out through the streets of New York. The producer wore a headband of pink of his daughter.

The famous actor of 45 years of age, took the precautionary measures to go out for a walk with the little Read Cooper, both behaved face cloths as part of the sanitary measures to prevent the spread of the disease from the coronavirus.

The daughter of Bradley Cooper and Irina Shayk

The little daughter of the famous born in the month of march in the year 2017. His birth was very discreet, since both the actor and the model chose not to ventilate his private life, so that the producer and his wife always evaded the media on Read Cooper.

The american actor formed a beautiful family with the Russian model, but after four years of relationship, they decided to announce their separation. They both took paths separately, but share the time with your daughter.

According to E! News Cooper and Shayk have a good relationship for the well-being of your small. Both are working in this new phase as a single parent and try to have a good relationship of friends, after coming to an agreement about the custody of her daughter Leah.

Irina Shayk and the split with the Hollywood actor

During an interview, Shayk revealed that it was a difficult time to be separated from the actor, he even mentioned that this new life without him has been complicated, as it has to deal with her work and being a single mother. But despite the break, he expressed that he was lucky to have lived in a relationship with the famous.

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Since the separation with the model in June 2019, the Hollywood actor enjoys spending time with his daughter, because on several occasions has been captured by the paparazzi walking with their small, as is the model, who has now been assimilated into his new life with his daughter, without the company of the famous.