Pantelleria, the new mayor is Fabrizio D’Ancona • Front page

Politics In Pantelleria, when polls closed yesterday afternoon, there were 4,015 voters (2,057 men and 1,958 women), 61.79% of those eligible. Fabrizio D’Ancana was elected mayor in a final face-off with Angela Siracusa, which ultimately saw a 68-vote gap between the two, 1.5%. Finally 38.3% for D’Ancona with 1493 preferences and 36.6% for Syracuse with … Read more

Radio Tub. aperitif | 24 Emilia

It was from the glorious time of running in heels on Wednesday evenings that the municipality was unable to dig below the limits of decency by inventing a review called “Eparisena”. The run-up to linguistic decline is unfortunately marked by a cultural characteristic of the Vecchi Junta: “aperisena” is a slang neologism born among youth-catching … Read more

Will artificial intelligence replace artists?

As of now the whole world recording industry is asking itself a question, which seems to be crucial for the near horizon of the music world: will artificial intelligence replace artists? The ability of artificial intelligence to be able to recreate music artists’ voices in nearly identical ways and print them on any song is … Read more

Fuorilvos, a great show on the Ideal Stage: Ginevra Baz wins for the juniors

An evening of celebration and beautiful music Ideal Theater in Sepino Sant’Omobono Terme with the final episode of the singing competition To declarePromoted by the Boys of the Ideal Commission, led by Marco Previtali and with the support of the municipality of Sant’Ombono Terme and several local businesses: Pasticceria Aquario, Jolly Market, La Boutique del … Read more

Benefit concert for “Non Uno Di Meno”

At the Palazzo Grenoble via Crispi in Naples, the “Enzo Amazio Original Quartet” is on stage on Tuesday 30 May at 7 pm, … Access articles and all site contentWith dedicated app, newsletters and live updates. already subscribed? Login here! special offer flash offer annual €49.99 €19for 1 year choose now Monthly €4.99 €1 per … Read more