Is sharing body wash bad for your health?we tell you

Although many people don’t believe it, shower gel It often accumulates bacteria that can be passed from one person to another if shared. Experts say this beauty product should not be used by more than one person. Dos and Don’ts of Sharing Body Soap bath soapATU Images/Getty Images personal hygieneshared bath soap can allow germs … Read more

Barbie Doesn’t Lift Weights: Does She?

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These Are the Traveler’s Diseases That Affect Your Eyes Most

During the summer vacation, people travel more abroad, and travel diseases are more common. Ophthalmologists warn that some of these diseases can also affect the eyes and compromise our visual health. Ebola can leave survivors with eye effects. Looking back on survivor Aminata Koroma in Sierra Leone.Photo: Tommy Trenchard Travel illnesses are caused by … Read more

Barbie, a movie for girls? • nation

If there’s one film that’s been getting a lot of buzz in Colombia and around the world in recent weeks, it’s Barbie. I don’t think the tape would tempt me and as a grown woman I would not pay to see this doll, it has filled my head with ridiculous stereotypes from a very young … Read more