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Catherine Fullop and Brad Pitt united by a strange illness

A short time after becoming a national, Argentina, Catherine Fulop spoke with Dante Gebel in CNN Radio on your life decision: “I dreamed it and acted accordingly to go abroad, I thought I would love to try my luck in another country and I loved Argentina, I was a fan and something in my heart connected me.”

Regarding the weather during the pandemic, Fulop noted: “At the beginning of the pandemic it started with Santiago Del Moro very early, I didn’t really want to do radio because I had to leave my house at 4 in the morning, but he can’t be told no, I couldn’t refuse,” said the actress, who said that “I hated zooming” during the months of confinement.

Cathy he reviewed the beginning of his career and how he arrived in Argentina: “My image was strong in Venezuela as a model, they called me to do a participation in the play Roberta and there I started to grow, I started to earn a lot of money, Radio Caracas was fighting for my pass to Venevisión. The novel Abigail was my big hit,” he said. And he said that the success “surprised me, I did not know what it was to be a known person. I greeted everyone.” And she said she feels linked to the actor of Seven years in Tibet for a curious neurological pathology: “I have the same disease as Brad Pitt, I can’t remember the names of the faces of the people I cross,” he said with a laugh.

As for her way of being so verbose, the Venezuelan actress pointed out: “I get in trouble because they can’t explain myself., I don’t have the tools to talk about politics or more controversial issues, so in part I don’t give notes so I don’t talk for the time of talking.”

As for the large family she knew how to put together with her husband, Osvaldo Sabatini the actress said that “I entered a family well tana, they shout and they all come, to me this bochinche I like, this country I liked. There was a bit of Caribbean with tango, very nostalgic.”

Regarding his yer-in-law, the footballer Paulo Dybala, Catherine stated: “Paulo is a simple, super familiero boy”.

In relation to his work, Cathy noted that “I feel like a fish in water acting. I like theater and television a lot, but fiction takes a lot of time out of your life and over the years that calm down came and I wonder how much I’m going to keep running and not enjoy an afternoon at home or have a drink with my friends.” Therefore, he says that he would like to change the style of his career: “I would drive to do something quieter, or be on the radio like now without any pressure, almost as a guest.”

Cathy he said that he was offered television and theater but “I want to think about it.” She said she would like to know her daughter’s house first. Oriana, in Torino: “I want to go and share more time with them because life happens so fast.”

I thank God that my husband retired from acting because there are too many stars in this house. someone had to put their feet on the ground and put their order in order. He was the one who put the machine to work to put together a good mattress and have a successful old age living quietly. Ova is calm, she never tells you anything else,” he said of the brother of Gabriela Sabatini.

Despite being together for more than two decades, Fulop noted that there is no jealousy: “He knows that I have a very charismatic personality, I hug my peers, I am very spontaneous. At first he told me that they were going to misunderstand me so I had to calm down with the way I was with my peers. They always said we were going to separate, but 95% of the time they didn’t hit her,” she said very amused.

Finally, he pointed out that his way of life is without getting into the lives of others: “I recognize people who have bad vibes but I try to put a bell on myself and not be affected. I always think that if the other person shines he’s going to make me shine because he’ll give me his light, that’s enough.”

Helen Hernandez is our best writer. Helen writes about social news and celebrity gossip. She loves watching movies since childhood. Email: [email protected] Phone : +1 281-333-2229

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