Cause of gastroenteritis outbreak in Tarazona: “It could be related” – Mediodía COPE

An outbreak of gastroenteritis in Tarazona, Zaragoza province, causing 365 neighbors were infected. This complicates the lives of residents of the city and the measures recommended to them are being implemented. between them, Use only running water for showers; boil kitchen utensils before using them; and do not drink, under any circumstances, only bottled water.

In bars and restaurants, they require extreme cleanliness and hygiene. María Antoñeta, owner of the restaurant at the Merced de la Concordia hotel in Tarazona, explained in Mediodía COPE that she was asked to “not use cloths and wash her hands often”.

The outbreak is known to have come from a single-celled organism, a protozoa that appears in drinking water supply networks. The first cases began to appear on September 9 and 10, and investigations are now underway into how the organism got into the water.

“Beef cattle can be eaten regularly”

This protozoan is very resistant, explains Dolores Ollero, professor of parasitology at CEU San Pablo University, “When they enter the environment, they cover themselves with walls to protect themselves. Cattle are infected with it regularly, but due to the control of sufficient water, it does not reach the water we consume, and even if it does, it does so at a very low level and does not produce pathology, but the tower Outbreak in Lasona This may have something to do with the large amounts of rainfall we have had. These reservoirs may contain livestock manure that is not treated to control it. “

Therefore, 365 neighbors (as we mentioned before) are infected Gastroenteritis Tarazona, Although the symptoms are mild, the epidemic is not yet under control.

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