Causes of Hair Loss

“I let my hair down. what do I do? ’” Yosly, a 25-year-old college student, exclaimed to one of her friends that her unusually black hair might have a solution.

this hair loss It’s one of the top concerns for both men and women, explains dermatologist Lizeth González of the Dr. Uraga Dermatology Center, and there are several causes for the condition.

this The Two Most Common Types of Hair Loss The most common reasons for counseling are androgenetic inheritance, ie typical male or female baldness, and telogen effluvium, temporary alopecia, which is influenced by several factors.

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this androgenetic alopeciaboth males (80%) and females (40%) can be influenced by genetics and, if there are relatives who are bald, by hormonal causes.

two hair loss Experts stress that they are reversible, so you shouldn’t delay asking for professional help.

In some cases, autumn It usually stops within three to six months, sometimes without treatment, but follow-up is needed to rule out other causes and prevent it from becoming a chronic problem.

he telogen effluvium It can be affected by stress, not only stressful work, but also major events such as loss of family, job loss, separation, hospitalization, high fever. Stress not only affects physical health, but also affects mood.

Hair loss may become noticeable three months after the event or situation.

hair It also declines due to nutrient deficiencies. We have to be mindful of the foods we stop eating through certain restrictive diets, says Gonzalez.

eat more vegetables and protein Contributes to the structure, function and regeneration of body tissues and organs.

protein They are of plant and animal origin. The first type is mostly found in grains, beans, and nuts. The latter is found in red and white meat, fish, eggs.

Anemia, a condition in which there are not enough healthy red blood cells in the blood, can also cause hair loss.

Dermatologist González Subspecialty in Trichology (the study of the scalp and hair) It also states that hair may fall out due to hormonal imbalances. This affects both men and women.

“During the consultation, we asked for laboratory studies, the results may change Thyroid hormoneit could be hyperthyroidism or hypothyroidism,” he noted.

Don’t get carried away by recommendations from friends.Many times, people believe that natural is good for hair, but you have to be careful because it may cause allergies The root of the problem has not been addressed.

In addition, there are different types of scalp In some cases, “they may be sensitive to certain products that irritate them even more,” Gonzalez noted.

150 shares. – Hair loss is normal, about 150 hairs a day, as the hairs go through their cycle, some growing, some resting and some falling out.

Protect from heat. – Try not to continuously use hot tools on your hair, such as blow dryers, irons, as this can damage your scalp. Washing hair with hot water is also not recommended.

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