Cazzu: “Today’s scene is more industrialized, cuter and more converted to pop”

Cazzu decided to give a different meaning to the show he gave for his Claro Session. It would be the official farewell to “Error 93”, his second studio album. The concert (which you can enjoy here) was broadcast in streaming format and lasts about an hour and a half.

At that time, Julieta Cazzuchelli took the opportunity to give closure to that work that posited her as the emo girl and opened the door more to the R&B sound that we hear on her third album, “A useless girl.” Although the genre that has been tanning the most is reggaetón.

Sometimes I feel more reggaeton than mopping but when it comes to music. At the movement level, I don’t know if it’s something that I chose, but people chose it for me. The podium of the trap. I’m fine there, “he tells Filo.News from his dressing room.

Lately, the scene has experimented a lot with R&B (“Entre Nosotros by Tiago PZK & Lit Killah and” Solo por vos “by Trueno are an example), Will it be the influence of ‘La Jefa’?

“I have no way of knowing if I am someone’s reference,” she says. Many times you do R&B without knowing that you are doing R&B. That way we went deeper into R&B and solid in the idea of ​​doing it. The vibe is ‘hey guys this is real R&B’. But also this mix of trap, pop and R&B becomes a bit unconscious. “

Dano was a great architect in making that work turn out as it did: “I’ve known Dano for a long time, he’s my brother. He is an eminence of music, of everything. He’s a genius to me. Having the help of him for my concept, my music, so that everything was a little better on track was a pleasure. I always want to work with Dano. “

From ‘Loca’ to today, Cazzu notices a great advance in the scene in general: “I see her much better prepared than we were at that time. A logical evolution. Today the boys who come many more resolved things, people are more receptive to gender therefore the industry, and they have those who guide them, help them. They have to go less way to achieve what took us a little more effort and years, But that’s just it”.

And is there less beef? “It is more industrialized actually. Those of us who are the first strain of this always amuse that nature of trap, hip hop and those things. Now everything is more industrialized, more cute, and also more converted to pop. In pop, everyone gets along with everyone. “

Now yes, where is Cazzu next? “I am adrift from what comes out.”

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