CDMX increases measures by coronaviruses: close the parks and patrol conminarán with speakers to people to protect them


Faced with the threat of the coronavirus and the public health emergency was declared yesterday by the General Health Council, the head of government of the Mexico city, Claudia Sheinbaumannounced new measures to reduce the rampant number of infected COVID-19, which has increased in the last few days.

“We are in time to avoid an exponential growth. That does not continue the curve of the contagions nature of this transmission, of this virus,” he said at a press conference.

Said that in just the CDMX, add 205 confirmed cases of COVID-19; 434 suspects and eight deaths.

Also, be warned that patrols the city will perform rondines in order to avoid that there are people in the street and invite the citizenship to return to his home.

The officers will also reduce aglomareciones of more than 50 people together, or make some kind of street party.

“The patrols are going to have a audio special where he guides individuals to remain at home”. “We’re going to be watching all those who do not learn through social networks”, reiterated Sheinbaum.

For this reason, the speaker of the units of the military in the CDMX will sound like this:

AUDIO: “We are in a health alert so that you are invited to the citizenship withdraw from the streets and to keep inside their homes to avoid contamination. Stay home, take care and watch over us. Remember, the goal is not contagious and does not spread. If you have any symptoms as dry cough, sore throat or a fever sends a message to the 51515 with the word Covid-19 or calls Locatel”.

With the system of epidemiological you can know in real time where they are reporting to the citizens of contagion, to assist you immediately and to complement the work of the Secretariat of Health.

The model that originally developed in South Korea, applies a series of questions and determine if a person is at high risk, medium or low to give positive COVID-19.

The Digital agency informed that if necessary you can call the telephone service Locatel (56 58 11 11) or enter starting tomorrow to the website that was enabled for this contingency: mx.

For his part, the head of government also said that it is time to “restrict still more public activity”, in order to decrease the curve of contagions that there are currently 1,094 infected at the national level and 28 dead.

In that sense, explained that in addition to the closing of spins commercial, shopping centres, as well as educational institutions or zoos that had already closed. Now will be the turn of parks and forests main CDMX.

“From morning to close the parks that have access controlled. We are talking of Chapultepec, Tláhuac, Aragon,” said Sheinbaum.

Although he noted that the second section of Chapultepec park itself will remain open for activities “at a distance”, like exercise.

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