Cecilia Rodriguez, tension on the red carpet in Venice? Video filming.

During the recent Venice International Film Festival, Cecilia Rodriguez returned to the spotlight after an alleged red carpet brawl was made public. Sister Belen garnered everyone’s attention dressed in yellow as she marched with actors Emma Stone and Mark Ruffalo to introduce the movie Poor Girl. However, it seems that the atmosphere on the red carpet was not as peaceful as it seemed. The video really sparked discussion among social media users.

Author Dejanira Marzano started the sensation by posting a video of Cecilia standing in front of photographers about to pose for photos. Suddenly, he gets into an argument with a security officer. Unfortunately, the sound on the video is damaged and it is not possible to clearly hear the words of the discussion, with the exception of a few sentences in which Cecilia seems to say: “What does this have to do with it? So… He is here in front of us.”

Then, someone is heard yelling at Cecilia, “Cecilia, don’t worry.” From those few words, it’s hard to understand the details of the discussion, but there seems to have been a misunderstanding between Cecilia and the security officer, so strong that it raised the tone of the conversation. At the moment, no further information about the dynamics of the dispute has been provided and users will have to wait for an explanation from Cecilia herself.

To conclude, Cecilia Rodriguez is back in the spotlight after an alleged altercation on the red carpet of the Venice International Film Festival. While the details are still uncertain, the video posted on Instagram has sparked interest and discussion among social media users. It will be interesting to see how Cecilia clarifies this matter and if she comments on the incident publicly.

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