Cecilia Rodriguez, You Won’t Believe Your Eyes: The House She Lives In Is Crazy

Cecilia Rodriguez and her Ignazio Moser live in a beautiful house, you won’t believe your eyes, the house they live in is just crazy.

Cecilia Rodriguez is a beautiful model and dancer, the famous sister of Belen Rodriguez. The peak of its popularity and not only fell on the publication Big Brother Vip that caused heated discussion. Leaving her ex Francesco Monte, Cecilia was found in the program, love of his life Ignazio Mosernephew of a famous cyclist.

These two have been living together for several years. beautiful houseyou won’t believe your eyes. A beautiful penthouse in Milan with a truly enviable view of the city, the perfect home for the couple Moser and Rodriguez and their dog Aspirina, who they say is the real star of the house. A house to be discovered and rooms with a truly mesmerizing look.

Cecilia Rodriguez House

The strong point of this loft is definitely the living room, spacious living room surrounded by windows that illuminate it all. Light colors and modern decor that goes very well with the style of the building and the view of the city. A very professional billiard table adds an extra touch to the room, making it unique. A big TV is inevitable, where Ignazio can watch the games.

Cecilia Rodriguez House Living Room (Youtube.it source screen) – Designmag.it

One thing that Rodriguez is very “passionate about” is definitely candles. design and decor element which is found in many areas of the house, both in the living room and in other rooms. The kitchen is made in a very modern style, not very large, but very functional and equipped, with a steel worktop for real professionals.

Another strong point of this magnificent home is definitely the terrace. Very large, spacious and with a really unique view. Artificial grass, a large table in the center with a pergola that adds a bit of greenery and nature to the house. A place loved by both, especially from Moser, who, coming from Trentino, always needs a little contact with nature and large and quiet places. The fundamental part is also for the dog Aspirin, which can be “released” without leaving the house.

The bedroom compared to the rooms in the house has slightly different style, a bit more whimsical, which combines modern and baroque design. Very nice and spacious and also a great view of the city. Well inside the house beautiful Turkish bath, with LED backlight and dark blue tones. A very luxurious house, almost unbelievable, a place that very accurately reflects the characteristics of this fantastic couple.

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