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When Luz was in school, she was looking for a new sport to try and some friends recommended a game called League of Legends.

“I got hooked on it very quickly and started doing sports-inspired work around that time,” Luz said. “It started by chance and I’ve been drawing and playing leagues for 10 years now.”

As you can see in her artwork, her favorite champion is Katarina, a Noxian Kingslayer with a more complex personality than her daggers suggest. While Katarina receives most of Luz’s attention on Runeterra, she is currently an agent of the Valorant Protocol, serving as her social avatar.

“Some of my friends were playing Valorant in front of me and streamed it for me,” Luz explained. “It was my first time playing a shooter title, but the music and characters made me want to play. Killjoy is my favorite. When I saw they added it to Valorant, I knew I had to play it. I also have a Jacket like his. Once I started playing, I started making artwork about agents, and since they’re so trendy, I like to design them in clothes they can actually wear. It’s easy to imagine agents as real people outside of ”

Whether it’s the sinister Blade of Noxus or the genius of Germany, the characters designed by Luz have one thing in common.

Luz further added, “I love the way games feature strong female characters, especially in the Riot universes.” “It’s a central element of my work – I love portraying strong, assertive women. This assertive representation of women is part of my identity and a source of inspiration for my art.”

For Loos, sports and the women who play them are often the subjects she portrays. But like Katrina, her artistic style moves through the shadows before emerging into the light.

“When I talk about my art, I define it as experimental and dynamic, but I focus a lot on lighting and I think that’s the element you will recognize my work by.” Can,” Luz explained. “I started with a modest obsession with finding the right lighting for the heads to make them stand out and give the impression that the characters were truly three-dimensional. It’s perfect for me because my name is Luz.” is, which means ‘light” in Spanish, and so it is fitting that it is the element I value most as an artist.

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