Celebrating 10th wedding anniversary, LeBron James was rejected by Savannah when they first met in 2001

she wild shouting “The King” showcased Savannah’s sentimental side at this year’s ESPY Awards. His sentiment comes from LeBron James’ feat of becoming the top scorer in NBA history.but before that adult Moments as a power couple together, Savannah cheers chosen person Take their epic love story on the road to glory.

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Ten years after their lavish wedding, Savannah tells the story of her love story, which was filled with twists and turns. Similar to a gripping tale, this story tests the king before granting him a lifelong bond.

A love story full of twists and turns


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It all started in 2001. LeBron James is already a star basketball player at St. Vincent-St. Marie High School and Savannah Brinson was an outstanding softball player and a cheerleader at another nearby school. The arrangement of fate brought the two people together unexpectedly. When James asked Brinson out on a date, they had no idea it would be the beginning of a love story for the ages.

When a mutual acquaintance reported that LeBron asked for Savannah’s phone number, her reaction was priceless.

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Savannah recently spoke about this in an interview, saying: “I thought, well, no. I want his number. One day, I was sitting there and I was probably bored or whatever, and I was like, oh, I forgot! I have this guy’s phone number, okay Dial. “He seemed interested, so let’s see. ” Then she called him and they met.

However, while their first date was great, it was what happened the next day that truly captured Savannah’s heart.

LeBron gave her a taste of his thoughtful personality by giving her leftovers from the restaurant the night before. This humble gesture marked the beginning of a relationship that would only grow stronger over time. Since then, the couple’s relationship has grown so strong that now, ten years later, they are still as in love as they were in high school.


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king’s Lady Luck

LeBron’s meteoric rise to NBA superstardom. Savannah supported him every step of the way during his remarkable transition from high school to the NBA. Despite the strict constraints of celebrity and public scrutiny, LeBron and Savannah have fought hard to overcome the odds and remain strong over the years.

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Despite the glamor of the basketball world, LeBron James and Savannah James remain true to their roots. They have a strong interest in philanthropy and use their platform to raise awareness of key social issues. Their dedication to giving back to their communities reflects their character and sincere desire to make a moral difference in the world.


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LeBron and Savannah James’ love story is one for the ages, from their chance encounter in high school to their lasting relationship as a couple.

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