Celebrating over 150 years of history, first global campaign “It’s to be Heinz” launched

The first It’s to Be Heinz global campaign is underway, celebrating the brand’s more than 150-year history.

Have you ever soaked a bunch of Heinz beans like The Who’s frontman Roger Daltrey? There are also people like Ed Sheeran, who tattooed a bottle of tomato ketchup to always have the iconic red sauce with him. But you don’t have to be a celebrity to make wild gestures. For example, by collecting various stories from around the world, we have found that Heinz products are among the most commonly confiscated items at airports! Obviously it seems really difficult to separate from it.

The campaign’s creative idea, developed in collaboration with Wieden+Kennedy, brings to life a unique film that tells stories of irresistible love for the Heinz brand, stories collected from around the world. The launch advertisement consists of five commercials that recount ironic unlikely love stories that actually happened. A love that unites many generations all over the world. In Italy it will be promoted from 26 June on all Heinz social channels and on YouTube.

From the Bastapasta campaign (launched on World Pasta Day), to Henzola (World Pizza Day), Heinz continues to speak to Italians, entering consumers’ hottest conversations, making its way into their homes becomes a real reference in their daily life.

,In the past year, Heinz has entered the homes of over 600,000 new families, thus reaching over 6 million shoppers. There is a sign that, even in Italy, the love for Heinz products is growing rapidly. As a brand, we want to continue to inspire acts of irrational love in everyday life by getting even closer to our consumers, who share their passion and curiosity about truly unusual combinations with us every day. – explains Fiamma Sinibaldi, Heinz Senior Brand Manager Sauces for Italy,

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Today with the IT HAS TO BE HEINZ campaign, we want to tell the most beautiful (and the craziest) love stories for our brand ever told, all in Italy, From ketchup on pizza to ketchup on rusks, bananas, strawberries and Nutella. These are some of the most secretive confessions from Heinz ketchup’s most extreme consumers. Oh yes, it is all about the mad love shown in the smallest of things or even in the most embarrassing guilty pleasures.

“Our fans may stoop to irrational heights for HEINZ products, but the feeling is mutual: We are as obsessed with our products as they are and can’t wait to share them with the world.”

For more than 150 years, Heinz has tried to do ordinary things unusually well. Today, unmatched quality from the careful selection of the highest quality ingredients remains at the core of the brand’s beliefs and practices. Each step is carefully considered to ensure that the distinctive taste of Heinz is delivered every time. ,Every day we take care of each of our products, the same love that has been able to inspire the greatest acts of love. That’s why we wanted to find the best testimonials that would like to share the most bizarre combinations and tell their irrational love through photos and videos on our social network., We’ll see some good ones!”- concluded Sinibaldi.

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