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Celebrities and makeup: Addison Rae joins the group of beauty entrepreneurs

USA. – Addison rae continues to sweep its makeup brand “Item Beuty “, which has a wide variety of products. In recent times, celebrities and internet personalities have turned to the cosmetic business, so much so that it is almost a phenomenon. In some cases, makeup brands tend to be very successful, like Rihanna’s, and in others they look very repetitive.

It seems that when a star does not know what to invest in, he decides to create his own makeup line, either in collaboration with a firm or alone. The young Tik Toker He has joined this scene and seems to be putting a lot of energy into it, although some people do not like it very much. It may be because the young woman is not a great connoisseur on the subject.

Although, to be honest, none of the celebrities who have her makeup brand is precisely an expert in cosmetology. Maybe Addison rae she is young and just in her first steps, but the team behind her is leading her on the right track. Also, with the number of beauty brands out there today, it is quite difficult to achieve something that stands out from the rest.

Instagram: Addison Rae

Even the great celebrities have their beauty projects, Ariana Grande and Lady Gaga they are part of this group. The lines of these singers are usually smaller in terms of products, but these seem to be of very good quality. Sometimes quantity is not everything, Addison has several products, but several of them were not very well accepted.

Although there are some who think that this is because the young woman is an internet star and people do not usually accept what they do very well. The truth is Addison rae It is making its way into different areas far from the Tik Tok platform that saw it emerge. We may continue to see her in romantic movies soon, like the one she starred in Netflix, or with new music.

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