Celebrities and NFTs, latest investments

NFTs and celebrities are made for each other. Celebrities almost always participate in NFTs or raise prices. Of the famous supermodel How Bella Hadid successful musicians like Eminemcelebrities of all stripes actively support NFT. Some celebrities are avid digital art fans, while others see NFTs as a way to give something back to your audience. Regardless of their motivation, we cannot deny their huge impact on the digital market.

Here are some celebrities who have made, invested or lost money with NFT:

Elon Musk

Even CEO From SpaceX, Tesla and Twitter, Elon Musk, entered the industry NFT. He announced that he was going to sell the song about NFTs. Elon shared this song NFTs on Twitter with an inscription: “NFT for your vanity. Computers never sleep. Confirmed. It’s guaranteed.”


rappers Eminem bought BAYC token number. 9055 For 123.45 ETHwhich cost him $453,776. NFTs it currently costs $222,638.

He threw “Shadow Swindler” his first collection NFT, which took the form festival digital that allowed AI fan have NFTs collectibles on Excellent gate. For festival, Eminem released exclusive songs, including original instrumentals he created.

Bella Hadid

There supermodel Bella Hadid He used rebase create a collection CY-B3LLA. There are 11,111 unique 3D scans of her body. Second Cute, his goal was “Creating new metal and real world places and events where I can meet you all”.

Cara Delevingne

There supermodel Cara Delevingne used NFTs to highlight the empowerment of women through the growing cryptocurrency space. Collaborated with the artist Chemical X and published clip in which she appears naked and recites a poem about her vagina and the idea of ​​property. Exclusive NFTs she joined other celebrities who used their platforms and voices to raise money for charity. Expensive donated the proceeds to his foundation, which supports the fight against COVID-19 environment, LGBTQIA+empowering women and combating institutional racism.

Ellen DeGeneres

Even the presenter talk show Ellen DeGeneres she joined the fight NFT. He decided to offer his version. NFTs on The Ellen Show. Ellen he also offered his first video NFT, the physically drawn image of a cat that appears in the video. The auction lasted 24 hours and DeGeneres he earned $33,495. He donated the entire amount to World Central Cuisinefood aid organization founded cook jrisky Andres.

Emily Ratajkowski

There supermodel Emily Ratajkowski offered NFTs called “Buy yourself back” to get his photo back Instagram taken by the artist Richard Prince from his series “New Portraits” in 2014. Then he paid $81,000 for a copy Prince his photographs.

Emily then he offered his video NFT, composite video of her standing in front of an enlarged Instagram post made by Richard Prince in his living room, claiming ownership and profit from his own image. He said: “For me, this digital marketplace is a way to express this particular idea that could not exist otherwise.”

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