Celebrities have started smoking again, both on TV series and in reality

In its successful parody of the most hated series hero of the year, SculptureIn , Chloe Fineman appropriates many details to impersonate and tease (so tenderly, so much so that she tags her admirer) Lily-Rose Depp and her interpretation of Jocelyn. In addition to the red dress, with which the pop star has gone down in history as the ugliest sex scene of all time, there are 5 or 6 slim cigarettes, smoked at once. , In fact, one of Jocelyn’s specialties is that she smokes one slim cigarette after another even in the sauna.

Lily-Rose looks completely in the part, so much so that in the video from the Cannes premiere in which she is seen holding a cigarette in her hands a short distance between the hotel entrance and her car, it looks like she is Continue play Jocelyn. The short video was flooded with comments, including those who pointed out that the actress could not breathe and who complained about the withdrawal of cigarettes (along with thinness and a toxic and messy lifestyle in general, health-conscious opposite) the so-called “that girl”, all yoga, matcha and scented candles that worked great until a few years ago), a comeback confirmed by an article in Guardian Which explains how celebrities have started smoking again, among other things forced us to search for a beautiful profile that aggregates images of smoking celebs, editorials, movies or Taken from paparazzi photos.

We recommend reading the article Guardian On celebrities who smoke (among the most avid – or most photographed, who knows – are Anya Taylor-Joy and Jenna Ortega) along with another that came out just a while back, again Guardian, titled “Cool, sexy and stinky smoke: why are TV dramas making a comeback to cigarettes?”. Just as, suddenly and without justification, all discourse of body positivity has been shunned or deleted or forgotten about (we talked about it here), the same fate befell 2017. In what we have defined as the “gentrification of nicotine”, a description of a world that wanted to quit smoking. Now it seems they have decided to start all over again.

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