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Makeup, hairstyle, prosthetics, costumes and special effects are great allies in film and television to change the physique of actors and actresses.

However, sometimes, artists prefer to venture into special processes to achieve the physique that their character demands in soap operas, series or movies.

In general, lower or gain weight are the main changes that celebrities experience for a role in soap operas, series or movies. Here are 8 celebrities who gained weight for a role, one even gaining more than 65 pounds.

8 celebrities who had to gain weight for a role

Throughout his career, the actor has been recognized for his slim countenance. However, giving life to Víctor Tapia in the series ‘Narcos: Mexico’ led Luis Gerardo Mendez to gain 28.6 pounds (13 kilos).

The actor explained to ‘Men’s Journals’ that this weight gain was achieved by increasing his calorie intake to 8,000 a day – he usually consumed 2,000.

Luis Gerardo revealed that at the beginning it was “fun to eat all this ice cream, pasta and pizza”. However, after four days of such a heavy diet, the actor felt overwhelmed by food.

In 2010, Ariadne Díaz became Marianela Ruiz, the protagonist of ‘Llena de amor’, an adaptation of the Venezuelan telenovela ‘Mi gorda bella’.

For this character, Ariadna held a boot that weighed eight kilos that made her look more plump. However, the actress revealed that in addition to wearing this heavy accessory, which caused several damage to her health, decided to gain 22 pounds (10 kilos), according to information from the Informant.

“Apparently it wasn’t necessary to bring them up the boot, but I had to show it on my face, because they don’t put any prosthetics on me, we only use makeup. Now I look cheeky and suddenly when I’m on my side in the scenes, I see so much double chin”, Ariadne explained.

For a long time, the comedian and actor had a slim and athletic figure.

However, he said goodbye to the diet and exercise that allowed him to show off marked muscles and abs to give life to Julián Álvarez in the movie ‘The Wingwalker’.

Throughout her acting career, Fernanda Castillo has boasted a slim silhouette. However, the movie ‘Sweet family’ edged her to say goodbye to her slender body.

The actress confessed that to give life to Tami, the protagonist of this film ‘, gained 12 kilos.

This role also helped her cope with a process of acceptance of her body and self-love, as she revealed in a long message on Instagram that you can read below.

In 2015, Jesús Miranda, better known as Chyno Miranda, a member of the duo ‘Chino & Nacho’, made his film debut.

The Venezuelan gained 24 pounds (about 11 kilos) to give life to the bolero singer Felipe Pirela in the biographical film ‘El malquerido’.

The ‘Batman’ actor is an expert in challenging his body and subjecting it to radical physical transformations. Throughout his career he has drastically gained and lost weight.

In 2013, gained 44 pounds (20 kilos) for the movie ‘American Scandal’ where he gave life to Irving Rosenfeld.

Five years later, he again underwent a similar transformation for his role as Dick Cheney in “The Vice President: Beyond Power.” This character led the actor to gain 40 pounds (18 kilos).

The Oscar winner underwent a couple of weight gain processes to bring her iconic Bridget Jones to life.

According to various media reports, the actress gained 30 pounds twice, both for the first film of 2001, as well as for the sequel of 2004.

Like Christian Bale, Jared Leto has lost and gained weight dramatically for the love of movies.

The Oscar winner gained 67 pounds to give life to Mark David Chapman, the murderer of John Lennon in the movie ‘The Murder of John Lenon’.

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