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celebrities who have their own Tequila

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Any change in the entire process of making tequila can change the taste

The industry of tequila it has grown so much that now it is consumed more abroad than in Mexico. For this reason, it is increasingly common for international celebrities to become true fans and even decide to enter the business.

Here are some examples of personalities who have their own brand of tequila:

George Clooney / “Casamigos”

The actor, winner of two Oscars and four Golden Globes, launched his own tequila with two friends. In 2017, the Diageo company bought the brand for a figure close to one billion dollars.

Dwayne Jhonson “The Rock” / “Teremana”

The charismatic actor announced on his social networks the launch of his tequila, produced in Mexico. The brand offers two varieties of tequila: white and reposado.

Kate del Castillo / “Honor del Castillo”

The actress and businesswoman also made an alliance to launch her own brand, which offers white, añejo and reposado tequila. Del Castillo partnered with the Vivanco de Arandas family, which has a long tradition in making this beverage.

Kendall Jenner / “818”

The 25-year-old model, businesswoman and “socialite” launched her own brand, which has been successfully sold in 80 countries, adding “818” to other brands that she runs alongside her sisters.

Carlos Santana / “Noble House”

The guitarist and composer originally from Jalisco tasted this tequila and was so delighted that he ended up partnering with the tequila company, founded in 1996.

Michael Jordan / “Cincoro”

In contrast to most of the brands listed here, Michael Jordan’s is one of the most expensive on the market. He, along with other members of the NBA, launched his own tequila, classified as “super premium.”

How the industry has changed

Without a doubt, tequila is the drink that most identifies what is Mexican around the world. Its characteristic flavor comes from a single variety of maguey: blue Weber tequila.

This variety of maguey is the only one used to make tequila. Furthermore, the sowing, harvesting and preparation processes are very specific and had changed little until a few years ago.

Thus, any change in the entire process of making tequila can change the taste.

In recent years the taste of tequila has changed relatively quickly. This is due to the exponential growth that this industry has had and how consumption soared, according to specialized media on the subject.

According to these media, the processes have changed more because the market set its sights on the centennial public, those born in the late 90’s. This entails the need to lower costs.

According to the Tequila Regulatory Council (CRT), in 2018 tequila production broke records with 309 million liters produced; and media such as Expansión magazine reported that exports rose to 61.37% in recent years.


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