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Celebrities who opted for a free upbringing for their children

The breeding of children it is not easy at all; it is full of pressures and expectations around how we must be and act to be considered perfect.

It seems that women should follow a manual with specific rules to educate our children however, these Famous have shown that each is free of exercise motherhood in her own way.

Each has different goals and desires for their children but they all want the best for them.

Perhaps they have been criticized and questioned for not following stereotypes but they are giving us a lesson in acceptance and love.

Angelina Jolie

Angelina Jolie she has been one of the most famous for the way in which she exercises her motherhood. Before the eyes of the world, she has made strange decisions like adopting children of different ethnicities and allowing them to Shiloh, whom he conceived with Brad Pitt, choose to grow with an androgynous style.

angelina jolie

Of course the actress does not pay attention to criticism nor does she give explanations. Jolie has only made it clear that she will always see for the well-being of her children and that she will let them be free to choose what makes them happy.

About Shiloh, the celebrity has said that she continues to explore her gender identity, which she will always respect. “You don’t know who your kids are until they show you who they are. They’re just becoming who they want to be,” Jolie said in Women’s Hour of BBC Radio 4.

Megan Fox

Megan Fox has always been in the crosshairs for being one of the sexiest actresses in Hollywood. And while he has proven to have everything to succeed, some have only dedicated themselves to criticizing and questioning the way he raises his children.

megan fox
Instagram/ Megan Fox

The actress is usually very secretive about her private life and rarely lets herself be seen with her children. However, it is known that she has chosen to exercise a free upbringing, especially with his son Noah, who likes to wear princess dresses.

“Sometimes, she dresses alone and likes to wear dresses. And I send him to a really liberal hippy school, but even here in California there are still little kids who say, ‘Kids don’t wear dresses’ or ‘Kids don’t wear pink,'” Fox said during his appearance on The Talk in 2019. “

Charlize Theron

The South African actress has never married and never plans to. For her that is just an unimportant procedure and that his priority is his children Jackson and Augusta, whom he adopted.. As if that weren’t enough, she was also singled out for allowing her son to wear dresses. The reality is that she is very aware of the upbringing she exercises with them and that her goal is for them to be free to make their own decisions as to their gender and individuality.

“I want to raise children who are free, who are not closed, who know other countries, different cultures. Let them have their own individuality.”

Jennifer Lopez

Jennifer Lopez has become one of the favorite celebrities of the moment for her beauty, talent and style. However, it is his daughter Emme who is now hoarding the spotlight.

The 13-year-old has drawn attention for wearing colorful hair and extravagant clothing combinations. Given this, many have pointed to the singer because they believe that “she should not allow” her daughter to leave in that way.

Of course Lopez does not pay attention to criticism nor does she plan to give in to what the world expects because she only wants her daughter to be happy and comfortable with who she is.

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