Celebrities with whom Amber Heard allegedly cheated on Johnny Depp


The names of these actors have been named during their long and troubled relationship

Amber Heard and Johnny Depp ended their love story between the courts and  controversies that cost them jobs . On the one hand it was said that he had had violent episodes, on the other that she had deceived him not with one, but with several familiar faces in the middle.

Only last month Johnny accused Amber of having been unfaithful to Cara Delevigne in his own house, later it came to light that they had also involved Elon Musk with whom they would have had a sexual threesome when they were about to divorce, something that Musk denied .


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Similar statements followed this one because according to Heard, she accused her of cheating on him with all the actors she worked with, in addition to spying on his cell phone to find out who she was talking to.

As reported by the middle Daily Mail in the list of actors with what she supposedly had been unfaithful were: Leonardo DicaprioChanning TatumJames FrancoElon Musk, Jim Sturgess, Eddie Redmayne, Kevin CostnerLiam Hemsworth, Billy Rob Thornton, Kelli Garner, and Cara Delevingne.


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