Celia Lora left her silk robe open and is seen with a black bodysuit and sinful neckline

The lush curves in Lora’s uncover have stolen the entire show

Celia Lora knows no limits and her sensuality is an innate part of her way of being. The Mexican model has even revealed that she feels more comfortable posing nude than wearing clothes. Since she recognizes which are her best angles being without clothes, that when she has to be seen in front of the cameras wearing anything other than the sight.

But even when you know or feel that naked looks better, there are also other outfits that flatter you a lot. And these are the lingerie sets, or silk pieces because they glide over your skin. In addition to that, the delicacy of the fabric usually becomes a weapon of seduction with greater elegance.

On this occasion, she took this piece, a silk robe, to leave it open over the neckline, and in front of the mirror, she let her chest stand out in the publication, thanks to a bodysuit with a long, deep neckline and an open v at the bottom.


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