Celia Lora, she took off her clothes in a look at the video that went up for Twitter to


The model of the famous Celia Lora loves me enough to opt in to your fans, you took off her clothes in a bold video, however, was not able to upload it to Instagram, because of this, shared it on Twitter.

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He is very fond of appearing in the clothes, so that you are constantly climbing to the content of discovery, but by the time of this video, it’s one of the best that came up.

In the video you can see a model in a swimming pool with no clothes on, leaving to show for their thousands of followers, which gave us a nice bat of the eye, as for the video, it is for the purpose of promoting your own web site, where pubica a lot more of this style.

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The video has gathered more than 228-thousand views in just a couple of hours, and it is remarkable how much of it was the loyal fans that they are seeing a way to sign up for your exclusive in-game content, as soon as they had left their words of praise and flattery.

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The daughter of Alex Lora, is the possessor of a sculpted figure, and a beautiful green eyes that hipnotizan of his followers, and to anyone who sees it, takes advantage of their attributes to become more followers and fans.

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Being the daughter of a celebrity from a long time ago, it was already cosiderada a bit of a celebrity, but in the last few years, have begun to have more presence because of a certain scandal in which it was a part of.

It is worth noting that one of her biggest scandal was when they arrested him for disturbing the public order, and in a state of intoxication, was to be released, because his father had paid the bail.

Celia Lora came out of the facilities of the media, immediately began to interview, talking about his experience being detained in spite of having been only a couple of hours at the site.