Celine Dion: the sad news that has just fallen …


The biopic on Celine Dion, written, played, and directed by Valerie Lemercier was due out in November 2020 … Unfortunately, due to the Covid-19 crisis, we will not be able to discover it until the end of 2021.

Originally scheduled for November 11, 2020,  “Aline”, the biopic on Celine Dion will not be released on our screens until November 10, 2021 … While the Covid-19 crisis has shut down cinemas, the highly anticipated film suffers a new delay.

Valerie Lemercier didn’t dare believe it

And this is not the first time that the Gaumont distributor has been forced to review its schedule. The last scheduled date was February 17. News that Valérie Lemercier did not even dare to imagine last October before second confinement was announced. In an interview with Le Parisien, the star explained: “Someone mentioned the hypothesis of waiting a year: I don’t see myself waiting that long … Me, I would like the film to be released on December 23, because I love Christmas and I love the number 5, like Celine Dion “.

She explained at the time that she did not want to bring herself to sell her film to different platforms such as Disney + or Amazon Prime. Valerie Lemercier had indeed estimated: “We have ‘more’ than offered to my producer and I am delighted that she refused. The platforms are waiting for that, to ‘pick’ us. But Aline is a film that ‘it is important to see theaters, on a large scale: it’s like Celine’s concerts, you have to see them for real “.

To date, “11,000 people have already seen ‘Aline’ during the previews” reported Valérie Lemercier, and she hopes to be able to show it to fans of the idol. In all, “7,400 people worked on the film in four different countries,” she also said.

A highly anticipated film

If the film directed by Valérie Lemercier will not be released before the end of the year, it is already of interest to many countries. Thus, Gaumont, which co-produces the latter has already pre-sold the rights of Aline to a few countries such as Italy, Austria, Spain, or Portugal, but also Japan, Hong Kong, Singapore, ‘Australia, and Canada. The advantage of telling the story of an international superstar.