Censida takes action against HIV, hepatitis and tuberculosis in Acapulco They will track immunodeficiency patients in Guerrero

The National Center for AIDS Prevention and Control (Censida) reports that The Acapulco region is home to 4,000 people living with HIV, and about 1,500 people are expected to request services from health facilities in the coming days.

Therefore, Alethse de la Torre Rosas, general manager of Censida, noted that through inter-agency coordination, work is being carried out to guarantee access to antiretroviral drugs for HIV and hepatitis C patients, as well as tuberculosis patients in affected areas. Hurricane Otis hits Guerrero state.

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The aim is also that medical care will not be interrupted and patients will be treated immediately if they have an emergency.

“Coordinated efforts include combined prevention through pre-exposure and post-exposure prophylaxis at the HIV and Sexually Transmitted Infection Prevention and Care Outpatient Centers (Capasits), which We will provide medication supply, on-site consultations and, where possible, remote consultations.“.

Acapulco, devastated and isolated

De la Torre Rosas believes that the continuity of public health plans in the event of disasters is crucial to protect the health of the population, especially infections that require continuity of care, such as HIV, hepatitis and tuberculosis.


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