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The best banking. Central fairly won a key match. An encounter that did not fit any other result than the one that occurred. The players complied on the playing field and thus ratified on the field what they had been declaring regarding the bench towards the coach’s work.

A meeting where the players showed commitment and in which they managed to reverse the bad image they had in the two previous games. Central won it well and with four games to go before the closing of the championship, the result against Atlético Tucumán allows them to continue in search of the goal by entering the South American.

Ruben’s statements during the week, the previous ones from Vecchio, Broun and Gamba where they expressed support for the coaching staff, lacked a second part, the most important: the one from inside the field. And it happened and in a very good way, the Kily team stayed with the game and almost did not worry.

From the start, the same intention was seen as always, that of going to find the game. But this time it counted on the return of Vecchio, the ten stopped hitching when the Scoundrel had possession of the ball and was located on the left to make the line of four flyers. With patience, with good handling of the ball, the actions quickly came from the premises.

Infantino, Martínez, Ruben had their chances before the opening of the scoreboard. A first goal that came after a good play prepared after a corner that Central did not execute, but moved the ball until Blanco crossed for the arrival of Ojeda at the far post.

The rival? Little, passive. Two brand men in the middle, a doubtful defense and facing the rival goal only the attempt with filtered passes to the forwards. A header after a corner that Fatura responded well and nothing more.

With the scenario in favor just after the end of the first half, the second came after a very good play in which Ruben and Vecchio met, who defined the network; all this after another good shipment from Blanco.

At the start of the complement the Dean came out with the intention of standing higher on the field and had a great chance to discount, but Fatura made sure that does not happen. From there the ball became more concentrated in the midfield. Kily made necessary adjustments with the entry of Zabala which allowed Infantino to control the left sector of the middle of the court, something that Lo Celso was not being able to do.

When the game was far from the arches came the second from Vecchio, the third from Central, the ten almost walked into the area to score the goal and become a figure of the game. Shortly after the end the rival reached the discount and unleashed the anger of Broun who was minutes away from finishing the fence undefeated, which would have been the fifth in the 25 games that the scoundrel played in this second semester. And moments later Ruben had the opportunity to pass it to Kempes in the all-time scorers table, but Luchetti stopped him.

Central won it well, a hinge game did it fairly, which was key in many aspects. The players did on the court what they had been declaring regarding the bench to the coach. El Canalla started a week of three games in the best way and the fans left happy because they were able to go without restriction of capacity to the field and for the victory of their team.

Central receives Atlético Tucumán this Saturday with the firm need to return to add three

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