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Juan R. Hernandez

Take precautions, as the Mexican Federation of Transport Organizations (Amotec) has announced its decision to erect a series of roadblocks in several cities across the country as a protest and as a measure to demand that authorities increase road safety and improve working conditions for transport unions.

Affected steering wheel staff argued that the mobilization, scheduled to begin at 8am next Tuesday (August 29) and Wednesday (August 30), was aimed at raising awareness of the theft, assault and other issues facing the carrier. focus on. They suffer every day.

So, dear readers, it is best to start early to avoid being late for work or appointments, as the main streets of Mexico City will be in chaos for two days.

For young people who have been “rejected” from high school (a pejorative term coined during the neoliberal period), Morena MP Janecarlo Lozano has announced an initiative to seek Groups of young people offer a glimmer of hope. Access to higher education.

Now in its eighth year, the program, called “Becatón,” offers more than 5,000 100-percent scholarships to private colleges for young people who failed to attend high school or higher at a public institution.

The program, which began eight years ago, has awarded scholarships to more than 20,000 young people in Mexico City to continue their high school and undergraduate studies. Some 10,000 people have graduated as a result of the programme.

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