Central, with a lot of head, hit the ball against Colón

Ruben for three and another from Vecchio. The goals of Central against Colón that put a clear tint of hitting the Kily team that did not settle for that reassuring victory against Atlético Tucumán, but came to Santa Fe for more. And he did it without any doubts, tying the sabalero, hitting him at the right times and formatting an essential victory, which had 9 as the main architect.

Against teams of the stature of Colón there is nothing better than hitting the first blow and Central understood that idea perfectly, not thanks to a too lucid game, but with an incredible effectiveness. Is that the first approach was a corner. There Vecchio put a thread, at half height, so that Ruben anticipated everyone and changed the trajectory of the ball. Blow on the Central table at 3 ‘, which allowed him to handle himself with more calm. Neatness at the exit of Ojeda, well accompanied by Infantino and Lo Celso, who were joined by Vecchio to drive.

Something else Central did well at the beginning of the match: not giving Colón time to settle down. Another stopped ball, a clearance, Blanco’s surgical center and Ruben’s head again to put the game decidedly in a direction that no one imagined in the previous one. The calm was already capital and welcome for the scoundrel.

It was the moment in which Central withdrew, waited a little further behind, leaving it to Colón to come out and expose his anxiety and his madness, which at that point was already pronounced. But the only tool the local found was the medium or long-distance auction (some closer than others), although Broun did not have to intervene. Yes Central capsized in that tremendous save that Fatu put after Aliendro’s shot at point-blank range. Of course, a minute before Avila was able to score 3-0 but Burián’s right post prevented it.

THE CANAL CRUSHED COLUMBUS! | Colón 1-4 Rosario Central | Summary

From then on, the whirlwind that began with the correct expulsion of Meza, who was first admonished by Vigliano. More tranquility for a Central that in the midst of that pleasant pass in the game saw how Broun had to leave the field after a knee injury, when he went in search of a bad back pass from Blanco. Emotions of all kinds for a first time that the scoundrel won with justice, by ambition and effectiveness.

A minimal complication could get Central in trouble, but so that this did not happen, who else, Marco Ruben, appeared. Again at 3 ‘, but this time after a center from Martínez to put his head back and make Burián’s blown up sterile.

It smelled like a knockout blow, because Colón began to show himself as a rickety team, without the intention of reaction, that did not get one, or all of them did not.

Central seemed to let go of the reins in the minutes in which Piovi’s discount arrived, but everything quickly returned to normal. Because the scoundrel did not despair, he continued playing the same, he tried to take care of her instead of raffling her and kept pressing.

As a result of that pressure, Piovi’s error came, Vecchio’s theft and the definition of 10 so that the complications did not even try to show their noses. A resounding 4-1 at that point.

Nothing decisive happened from there until the end to destabilize the great victory of Central against the last champion. He did it with decision, game and a lot of head.


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