Cepillín Dies at 75

Cepillín criticized aspects of the lives of the statuesque actresses.

The clown and actor Ricardo González “Cepillín” died after he had been admitted to intensive care on Sunday afternoon for heart failure and pneumonia that could be derived from a spinal operation

Ricardo González, ” Cepillín “, died after entering intensive care, after he underwent spinal surgery last week, as his family members made known through social networks.

“ I ask all of your prayers for my dad, ” Ricardo González Jr., the 75-year-old son of the television presenter, wrote on Facebook.

The famous’s health was complicated when he was about to fall from a ladder and although he managed to stop from the railing to avoid a dangerous fall, he began with very strong pain that took him to the hospital where he underwent a complicated surgery that lasted 9 hours, in which eight screws and two rods were implanted in the spine.

For this reason, the actress Angelica Vale asked for donations for Ricardo González, through the official GoFoundMe page.

The clown and actor Ricardo González ” Cepillín ” was admitted to intensive care for heart failure and pneumonia, his son Ricardo said.

The actor’s son told Mexican media that the doctors were doing everything possible to improve the heart rate and manage to contain pneumonia, but the efforts were in vain.

Cepillín was admitted to intensive care on the afternoon of Sunday, March 7, although it was initially contemplated that he would be discharged from the hospital no later than that same day.