Cernusco: concert by Etiäinen and Brianza choir for all women

On Saturday 4 March, to celebrate Women’s Day, the benefit concert was held at the San Luigi film theater in Cernusco “Two choirs, one heart” with the female vocal ensemble Etiäinen of Cernusco and the Brianza choir of Missaglia.

Bianca Rolfini

The groups were presented by a representative of I bagai di binari, an association which, together with the administration and the parish of Cernusco and the Soroptimis Club of Merate, made the event possible. Also this year on the occasion of International Women’s Day, the initiative was re-proposed “Flowering bulbs, which together with the proceeds from the evening, will go to support various initiatives. One of these is called “Stretch Your Board” and will be reserved for the lay missionary Natalina Isella coordinator of the Ek’abana children’s center in the Democratic Republic of Congo. As Don Alfredo Maggioni explained, “the parish had intended to share the table with others for three years, following the example of Jesus during Lent” and thanks to Natalina Isella, this idea took the form of food to feed the girls who are kicked out at home and allow their reintegration into society. The name of this initiative therefore wants to be a reference to the fundamental role of women in any community, as Natalina has argued: “Women, mothers, are always happy when they can extend the table and gather family members under one roof uniting them in joy “, in sharing a good meal that helps repair relationships. The task of women, among many others, is to be mediators of peace, bearers of forgiveness and always take the first step”.

Valeria DeMicheli

For the second program, the Anna Bianchi Scholarship, Bagai dei binari have collaborated for the third year with the Soroptimis Club of Merate. The councilor of the association Valeria De Micheli presented the scholarship, whose name honors one of the founding members, and is aimed at Dr. Suha Hassa who works in Salam, the only cardiac surgery hospital in the city of Kharthoum, in Sudan. This initiative will support women undergoing heart valve replacement with mechanical prostheses, therefore requiring anticoagulant therapy, an effective, safe and reversible contraceptive through the application of a subcutaneous contraceptive device. To support the project, it will still be possible to buy hyacinths, grape hyacinths and daffodils on Wednesday 8 from 9 to 12 at the Bagai di Binairi headquarters in via Lecco 18 to help guarantee a better future for these women. The concert was opened by the female ensemble Etiäinen, born in 2017 with five choristers who soon became eighteen in just one year. After the difficulties of the covid, thirteen remained, gathered around the constant presence of the teacher Bianca Rolfini, singing teacher and arranger of the pieces. The group’s name comes from Finnish and means “omen”, something that will happen and given the successes achieved, it was a positive omen, it soon became an established reality in all respects in the area.

Saturday was the first concert of the year for the choir which, with a sprig of mimosa clearly visible on its chest, offered a repertoire very faithful to its identification: an a capella ensemble, capable of ranging from the classical to pop, united by passion and emotion, feelings that it manages to convey to the public thanks to the interpretative vocality of its components.

The evening was an opportunity to present two new elements: Vania and Ivana. The public was thus guided on a journey from classical to pop, starting from the year 1778 when in Paris Mozart composed “L’alfabè” for a children’s choir, a piece to learn the French alphabet in a playful way, up to to arrive in 2013 with “Roar” by Katy Perry. In tribute to all women, the last song proposed was “Prayers of the Mothers”, born from an alliance between singer-songwriter Yael Deckelbaum and a group of courageous women who led the Women Wage Peace movement in summer 2014 during the escalation of violence between Israelis and Palestinians and which saw thousands of Palestinian and Israeli women united in a march for peace. The singers of “Etiänine” joining their voices wanted to instill strength in all women, especially those in difficulty.

Then it was the turn of the Coro Brianza, born in October 1968 from a small group of friends from the Alpine troops of Missaglia united by a passion for mountain singing. Over the years, to keep up with the times, the members of the association have approached other singing and musical genres such as songwriting, religious, spirituals and gospels. Led by maestro Fabio Triulzi the choristers accompanied the audience to “caressing the stars in the Belluno Dolomites, to relive the time of childhood, the time of memories of when we were children. The joy that a daughter or a son gives with their simplicity and liveliness, a love so great that it becomes prayer and invocation to Mary; it becomes a sweet dirge that asks for protection for a father who, dangerously, faces the perils of the night while the child falls asleep cradled by the mother’s voice! No more war… in the song the pain of leaving, the promise of a return that maybe won’t be there, the desire to find the woman you love, peace, a different world, unfortunately still today a sad reality, a cruel curse never won”. To open their performance the song “Benia Calastoria” by Bepi De Marzi, which speaks of one of the boys of 1899 at the front to shoot in the trenches in a war, who today more than ever we feel alive, back home he feels alienated, a stranger to his land changed dramatically during his absence. Among many others they sang “Fiore di Manuela”, also by Bepi De Marzi, and “Marikè” by Ivan Cobbe, a song that describes his daughter: “my Lidia has big eyes, blue like the sky on clear spring mornings and a contagious smile, which I hope will be your faithful companion along the mysterious roads of life”. Monica Vanoli, councilor responsible for associations and free time, was present at the evening and invited those present to show solidarity: “there are still many women who ask for freedom and respect, but shouldn’t these rights already be guaranteed to everyone? It is up to us to help them in fight for them”.


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