Chain bags: 7 good reasons to prefer them all

This leads to backpackTo shoulderTo hand or manually: The versatility of the chain bag is limitless.but have we ever thought about the reasons that motivate us to choose and wear it?

There are those who consider it an act of pure practicality, because if worn over the shoulder, both hands are effectively left free. AND there are those who instead choose it simply as a talismanperhaps because it is inspired by the iconic nature of the network itself: here it is the case of the famous Chanel 2.55 bag What Miss Gabrielle conceived a child in the cold February of 1955 (as the name suggests) by creating a metal chain intertwined with leather. Real signature.

The chain bag, also beloved by Lady Diana (who wore a Chanel bag), still continues to make its way into the hearts of the royal family. He really knows something about it Megan Markle’s wardrobewhich includes the iconic bag One hairpin from Valentino and also there Triumph from Celine.

Royals aren’t the only ones who appreciate the versatility of the chain bag: in fact, it-girls are the protagonists of street style, whose image has given us additional reason to legitimize and confirm the presence of this accessory in our wardrobe. .

Below we see 7 good reasons to wear a chain bag.

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