Chain Reaction, Dai and Dai reveal how they will spend their prize money

Dai and Dai are Chain Reaction champions. Marco Voire, Simone Costagliola and Simone Mariottini, known as Mario, spoke about themselves on the TV channel Sorrisi e Canzoni.

OUR Come on and come on Marco Voir, Simon Costallola AND Simone Mariottini are samples responsible for Chain reaction. Three participants in the program organized Marco Liornithey said to themselves in an interview with Tv, Sorrisi e Canzoni and told how they would spend the money they won.

Come on, come on, chain reaction champions, how will they spend the money they win

Dai and Dai revealed how they will spend the last jackpot they manage to take home. Simone Costagliola made it famous: “I would like to spend it with my girlfriend“. Simone Mariottini, known as Mario, has other plans: “Maybe I am travel, in addition to what I do, to travel to and from Ireland, where Job“. Marco Voir concluded: “I really need a new carIn one thing, however, I agree, this experience will remain among their most treasured memories:

The game exceeded all expectations, we put our energy into it, and in the end, the effort pays off. Many years later, we will still be saying: “Do you remember that competitor, how much he made us laugh?”, “And Liorni, who made us dance?”. It will be a memory that is worth everything.

Even Marco Liorni, in the program Sorrisi e Canzoni, dedicated pleasant words to them: “Simone, Marco and Mario – a beautiful image of friendship! What I like most about Chain Reaction is that it’s a team game. So chemistry, mutual aid and of course mutual understanding are key.
“I Dai e Dai” is a good example of this: they are very close friends, they love each other and it shows, and then they are well put together, they integrate perfectly into the game, the answers to which cannot be found on Google, but you have to look for them in your head along with your teammates“.

The Chalks eliminated Reaction to Chain: “We wouldn’t have made it this far without our friendship”

Who are Dai and Dai, the champions of L’Eredità

But who are Dai and Dai? The L’Eredità team includes Marco Voire, Simone Costagliola and Simone Mariottini. Marco Voir born in 1992, lives in Livorno with his girlfriend Kaylee. He has a degree in computer science and works for a bookmaker. Simon Costallola born in 1993, also in Livorno. He studied communication design at
Politecnico di Milano and currently works for a multinational IT company. Simone Mariottini said that Mario was born in 1994 in Livorno. He studied computer science and currently works in Dublin, Ireland, in multinational e-commerce. He is engaged to Adele.

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