Challenged the COVID-19: thousands of people attended the procession despite of the contingency


Despite the huge campaign that has implemented the Federal Government and the Secretariat of Health to ask the population that stay home during this health crisis caused by the pandemic COVID-19many people continue doing ignore to the indications.

And is that in several municipalities of the country preferred challenge the coronavirus and take to the streets to celebrate the Stations of the cross and perform the traditional shopping of Holy Week as if they were on vacation.

At various points in the state of Chiapas there were processions of Good Friday or festivities, despite the fact that the authorities insist on the “healthy distance”.

At least a few five thousand people met in the municipal center of Venustiano Carranza to carry out the stations of the Cross, where apparently they went to the priest. After walking under the sun of the noon of this Friday, the parishioners returned to the Church. In the procession not observed the intervention of any representative of the Civil Protection of the municipality.

In the municipalities of Bochil, Simojovel and San Juan Chamulathe pastors of the peoples led the stations of the Cross, although the participation of the people was lower than in Venustiano Carranza, you also kept a healthy distance.

In San Juan Cancucthe mayor José López López, not cancelled the village fair in honor of St. John the Evangelist. Thursday night was the first holiday where he managed to gather tens of thousands of peopleregardless of the contingency.

While in the capital, Tuxtla Gutierrez, specifically in the North market where you can buy fish and seafood, people aglomeraron and this meant that Civil Protection personnel, municipal intervention and the forced to form a row to be able to access the central de abastos.

In the city of Chilpancingoin the cologne Lover and San Rafael, more than 100 people held a procession without taking preventive measureseven the use of face cloths and gel antibacterial.

While in the colony PRD, in the periphery, on board of a truck a religious image, toured the streets, but at some points parishioners aglomeraron to see the passage of the holy, without which it would have control.

In contrast, in the Magical Village of Taxco de Alarcónthe traditional Procession of Silence each year it attracts thousands of domestic and foreign tourists was cancelled. Yesterday the hotels just were 2% of its capacity and the streets looked almost empty. This celebration with over 400 years of history had only been suspended during the Guerra Cristera.

Although mobility to job centers, and recreation have significantly decreased, we had to reinforce the measures to avoid the crowds in the markets of fish and seafood.

Last Wednesday and Thursday, near four thousand people entered the market in The New Beam until the authorities began to ration access.

Rosa Icela Rodríguez, secretary of Government, accused the citizenship of irresponsible by going in droves to these places.

In contrast, the authorities and population of some states they acted in a more responsible manner in order to avoid an outbreak in their regions, despite the disgust and threats of the visitors.

In Culiacán, Sinaloa, security elements was removed from beaches and spas to 243 people admitted inappropriately. It also suspended the Cross. Even, the ethnic groups may-yoreme held their parade without an audience.

The inhabitants of the Magical Town of Tepoztlanin Morelos, they were determined to close to four days access to visitorsafter the past weekend there was a high influx of tourists, which caused conglomeraciones in the streets.

The income of each one of the passers-by were asked for their identification. If you do not acreditaban his residence, kept them away from the step.

Tepoztlán is not the only municipality that has closed their access, it’s also been made Tetela del Volcan, Hueyapan, and Ocuituco.

For his part, in Mulege, Baja California Sur, the restrictions were more aggressive. Felipe Prado Baptist ordered close the borders of the municipalityand even, people drew cries to the tourists from the beaches.

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