Chandrexa de Queixa, a place where food and rest come together

On the peaks of Galicia, where time passes with the rhythm of the seasons and nature rises majestically, we discover Chandrexa de Queixa, a charming corner with rich gastronomy and local products for the pastoral charm of its scenery. Here, travelers are immersed in a unique experience that embraces all the senses.

The gastronomic journey starts at Bar Cardiego, a gourmet corner that conquers the tastes of locals and tourists alike. Over the past decade, under the leadership of Chabeli Fernández and his family, the restaurant has become a true gastronomic destination.

Chabeli Fernández with her daughters in her restaurant.
Chabeli Fernández with her daughters in her restaurant.

Charberry smiles as he recalls the early days of his business. “When we got to this place at the bottom of the reservoir, expectations were not low, but we made it clear,” he explains. now, Sit on the terrace of Bar Cardiego and enjoy the view of the reservoir while enjoying a paella or steak. This is one of the most popular recreational activities in the area. “We have a varied menu, but our paella and grilled braai are our favourites. And of course, there’s the ‘courgette soup’ as most of our customers have the homemade custard in the center of the table On a big table,” Chabeli revealed.

The love and sincerity that Chabeli and his family brought to Bar Cardiego did not go unnoticed. The spot is affectionately known as Chabeli Beach in the area., guests can even enjoy canoe tours offered by the hotel. Here, food becomes an experience and the surrounding atmosphere is a testament to Galician hospitality, Choose one of the places to celebrate ceremonies and events every summer The gardens come in a variety of styles and are carefully decorated to suit every occasion.

nature’s refuge

In the village of LekisoRafa Fernández immerses himself in the natural beauty of Chandreza de Queixa and brings it to life Requeso Housesa rural retreat that combines comfort and authenticity in an almost magical way.

A house in Lequeso.
A house in Lequeso.

The idea to create this rural tourism project began to form around 2017 in the mind of Rafa, a man from Vigo who was passionate about having his own village and enjoying the snowy winters. Today, with the support of his partner Sesé Basteiro, Offering two country houses, lovingly restored and tastefully decorated.

One of the cabins sleeps five people, while the other is more private and cozy, perfect for couples. These houses are the perfect retreat for those looking for a true country retreat. “I want to add value to the area, and everyone who lives here is happy with the neighbors, who treat them like they’re at home,” Fernandez said. The magic of Casitas de Requeixo is its connection to nature. here, Every window opens a dream sceneryWhether it’s green in summer or snowy in winter. Guests can enjoy peace and tranquility through hiking trails.

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