Change the iPhone, So Android can mobile, the company is Suing Apple

97 – Corellium, a company, the cyber-security-small in the United States, so that Apple beaver, because the creation of the technology, the iPhone, so Android phone.

The company was to develop a tool, in the project, Sandcastle, breaking the practices of Apple, with the technology of sandboxing technology for the containment of the creative iPhone users.

A Sandbox, in the cyber-security, is a mechanism for the protection of a device from software, the strangers. In the case of the iPhone, the device can only be implemented by the iOS operating system from Apple.

Apple’s policy was, however, the fans of the modification. The reason is because once purchased, the owner should be handling the iPhone as you would like, including replacement of the software.

“The IPhone restrict the user in a sandbox. But if you buy the iPhone, you will master the rigors of. Android for iPhone gives you the flexibility that other operating systems use it,” said Corellium in his official web.

Corellium said Android or iPhone use to law enforcement authorities for forensic investigation and to reduce electronic waste. The company also said it is only a technology sold to the government Agency or company as well as a researcher of cyber-security.

Apple’s own beavers instead of play. Corellium accused of the violation of the rights of ownership of Apple, in particular, on the virtualization technology, iOS. In August 2019, Apple Corellium pulling on the green table.

But to buy Corellium, long before it would have provided is suing Apple, the company. New Apple sued, if it is not to be able to agree on a price with Corellium.

In this time the Android technology to the iPhone Corellium still in beta. The Android operating system modified Corellium can also new used on the iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus.