change the look with wet hair swept back

A new daring and trendy hairstyle for Sharon Stone, who at 65 has more of a desire to act than ever, even with her good looks.

Sharon Stone attended the party Raising our voices in Los Angeles at the Audrey Irmas Pavilion in Koreatown. The Traditional Luncheon is hosted annually by The Hollywood Reporter to promote diversity, fairness, inclusiveness and accessibility. The actress kicked off the event with an impassioned speech about her health issues and the challenges she has faced since then. He also attended Eva LongoriaAwarded as the 2023 Trailblazer along with Nisi Nash-Betts: entra├Čbe was honored for its commitment to telling stories of diversity, fairness and inclusion.

Sharon Stone does not cover up lines and gray hair

65-year-old in 2001 had to face stroke and cerebral hemorrhage: They only gave her a 1% chance of survival. It was very difficult to recover and reassert himself, especially at work, where he faced a lot of distrust and many reintegration difficulties. Part of these difficulties were due to the fact that he had reached “a certain age”. The actress has repeatedly denounced the Hollywood system, which seems to have a place only for women under 40. When this age is over, it is difficult to reckon with it.

That’s why so many celebrities try to chase the image Eternal youth, which may make them more acceptable to the film industry. She decided not to give in to blackmail. Although he has resorted to minor aesthetic interventions in the past, he has said enough. Today she is a serene woman who ages with gratitude and serenity, who has no interest in showing herself otherwise than she really is. Wrinkles and white hair they do not bother her at all: she does not cover them even on red carpets and ceremonial events, where she is always impeccable in her timeless elegance and beauty.

Sharon Stone is furious on the set: dancing in a sparkly suit and neon makeup

Sharon Stone image

The icon of world cinema was dressed in a look by stylist Paris Libby: a fiery red velvet suit, a voluminous jacket decorated with a maxi flower, and slightly flared trousers at the bottom. She completed the outfit with a pink shirt, complemented by a sparkling tie that gave the look a touch of glamour, a plunging neckline and gold jewelry. She opted for a different hairstyle than usual: not soft hair, but hair with a wet effect, with hair pulled back, more daring and perfect for a diva with her, who the more time passes, the more she wants to play with style. .

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