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Senigallia 04/09/2023 – At Leopardi Primary School in Senigallia, the start of the school year promises to be bright and full of new things. In addition to the refurbishment of rooms with places for children, the “linguistic curvature” project, which the headmaster, Professor Laura Fagioli and the teaching staff wanted to characterize this complex, will begin.

We strongly believe that for a more culturally oriented school, strengthening educational research focused on customizing curricula to meet the needs and demands of the community is a winning choice.

Thus, from the 2023/2024 school year, students will continue to improve their foreign language through classes focused on various disciplines of the English language (CLIL: Integrated Learning for Content and Language), as well as improving academic performance by offering Ket certification as early as the fifth elementary grades. It should be noted that Ket certification certifies the A2 level of competence, usually recognized at the end of a junior high school course.

In addition, the fourth and fifth grades of the Leopardi school will introduce the study of Spanish on an experimental basis, based on the belief that the knowledge of the sounds and words of the languages ​​closest to us today is the first immediate task. The level of mutual understanding between people of different backgrounds and a school with language deviations are by far the most appropriate means of facilitating the transition from one’s mother tongue to a foreign language from the very first years of school experience.

What will be the expected results? Increased enthusiasm for learning and knowing the English and Spanish language and culture, developing linguo-communicative skills and competencies, acquiring a teaching method and mental openness towards other cultures and, above all, facilitating the transition to secondary school.

Professionals present at our institute, teachers with language education or certificates, will ensure the implementation of relevant programs. Thus, children will be able to learn more easily and spontaneously with suggestions that stimulate their innate curiosity.

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