Chano apologized to his fans “for worrying them”

Three months after being shot in the abdomen, having spent 18 days in hospital and having started a new rehabilitation treatment, Santiago “Chano” Moreno Charpentier returned to the stage over the weekend and surprised by apologizing to his fans for “Worry them.”

Before singing I want to apologize for worrying you, for worrying my family, everyone. I promise that I will change, this time yes, seriously friends, “swore the 40-year-old musician and was applauded.

“Those of us who write are autobiographical, and I don’t know if the best is yet to come, but it is convenient for me to think of it that way,” he continued, “when we become victims we think that we have the right to live for the other.” And playing with the lyrics of “Clearly”, the next song on the list, he added: “The important thing about the song I’m going to sing is not that Clara didn’t love me but that when the sun comes up I’m going to make my life.”

Chano also invited “Bambi” Moreno Charpentier, his younger brother and part of Tan Biónica, to the living room mounted on the stage, with whom he sang “Momentos de mi vida”, “Obsesionario”, “Ruinarse”, “La salad”, “Mis early rises “,” Things that happen “and” The other way “, which according to Bambi’s story had” a very special story “:” Chano was hospitalized, we were composing the album ‘Hola mundo’ and he showed me a piece ” , said the youngest of the Moreno Charpentiers, and Chano added: “When we rehearsed it, we couldn’t stop crying.”

Now the artist will perform two more shows at Luna Park (on November 25 and 26, also sold out) before leaving for the interior of the country. “I’m not interested in anything more than living this. I hope you had a good time, I hope it was worth it. It was worth it? Was it worth it, really? Thank you, friends ”, he closed.

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