‘Chapelwaite’, the Stephen King adaptation you’ve been waiting for

Chapelwaite, is the new series that has just arrived by surprise at HBO Max Spain with its first four chapters, it’s a curious combination. On the one hand, it is a spin off full-fledged El Salem’s Lot Mystery, the famous vampire novel by Stephen King. On the other hand, it is a successful and brilliant reunification of the horror genre taken to a particularly intimate and heartfelt level. It is also an interesting journey through various short stories by Stephen King; the series combines at least two narratives in relation to the grim fictional town of Main.

The result of such an experiment has something for everyone, but one thing is clear: it is an ambitious narrative mosaic that manages to capture the essence of King’s works, as well as giving the central story an independent air. Quite an achievement in a year in which several attempts to adapt the work of one of the most successful writers in the United States have been unsuccessful. Lisey’s story Apple TV + turned out to be an unfinished, confused, and devoid of real substance look that disappointed devoted readers of the book. Also the expected The Stand was a flop on all levels despite its interesting cast and a King-written ending especially for television work.

However, Chapelwaite it is a much more accurate look at King’s work than might be supposed. Especially if one takes into account that it does not tell a story of the writer, but is set in one of his favorite universes. The town of Jerusalem Lot has become famous in literature and in cinema, it is a gloomy and Gothic structure to an extraordinary dimension. King endowed the premise of an American town turned into a hunting ground for vampires, in a version about fear and mystery of unprecedented power. Much more, as several short stories by the writer began to coincide with the dark tragedy of Salem’s Lot.

Chapelwaite it is the most structured attempt to encompass the events prior to what happened in the central novel. Also join the narrative threads of the stories. It is a compact and singular argument, which draws from several different sources. At the same time, it is sustained by King’s universal gaze on fear. Beyond King’s approach to vampires or a certain Lovecraftian horror to the periphery, Chapelwaite it is a story about characters. One that assimilates the essential roots of King’s work on bringing old horror legends to a recognizable setting.

With a careful and precious staging, Chapelwaite it is a journey through the dark. But also, a careful look at the edges of the terrifying from the human. A brilliant combination that makes the series a brilliant look at several different genres at once.

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