Chapter 100 of ‘Supergirl’ will bring back several characters from the series


Melissa Benoist and his Girl of Steel have already been five seasons in action. ‘Supergirl’, which is the third series set in Arrowverso, comes to its episode number 100, and have prepared a very special that will bring back characters that left the series in previous seasons. This new season will be marked by nostalgia and the past, that will lead to the superheroine to rethink many of their actions.


Chapter 100 of ‘Supergirl’, entitled ‘It’s a Super Life, a super Is a life)’, will begin with the return of Mr. Mxyzptlk to National City to offer Kara Danvers an offer they can’t refuse: go back in time and see if you can fix the errors of the past, including telling Lena Luthor his secret before Lex did, and it will ruin your friendship. Looking back, Kara must decide if you want to change the story to return to be a friend of Lena.

This fifth season is presented to Thomas Lennon as Mxy, previously played by Peter Gadiot in season two. Next to Winn-Schott played by Jeremy Jordan, the special chapter of ‘Supergirl’ will feature the return of the mythical characters: Mon-El (Chris Wood), Samantha Arias, also known for Reign (Odette Annable$), and one of the main antagonists, Ben Lockwood, known for Agent Liberty (Sam Witwer). Annable $ was last seen at the end of the third season (2018), while Witwer recently appeared in the fourth season (2019).

In the promotional photos of this special episode it seems that the characters are in the middle of a tense conversation. Are Kara, Mon-El, Winn, Alex, a Kelly well armed (Azie Tesfai), and J onn (David Harewood)according to reports TVLine.


Come one and come out the other

Chris Wood, Odette Annable $ and Sam Witwer come back even for a short time, but who will not appear in the remove season is Mehcad Brooks. The actor, who played Jimmy Olsen in the first season, made the decision to leave the series to focus on other projects.